Shellwe Makeup is Cruelty Free Brand

Shellwe Makeup is Cruelty Free Brand

Good day everyone.

I knew there are lots of concerning about our brand whether we are Cruelty free , vegan or not.
Here is an artical from
Thanks so much @ethical elephan, she did the proper reasearch of China’s Animal Testing Laws. This link speaks very clear about the laws.China has banned animal testing for “General Cosmetics”include MAKEUP since 1994 (produced and sell in China).Only the imported cosmetics (which means, brands from outside of China) need to be tested, but when the new Law implemented on May 1,2021. ALL”General Cosmetics”imported from overseas also NO NEED to Test On Animals,EXCEPT THE SPECIAL USE cosmetics. Cosmetics producted and sell in China is required that the company has to obtain the Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report and Granted by NMPA  (National Medical Products Administration) to ensure the company is selling authentic and safe products.
Only the Chinese company who has obtained the assessments which are issued and granted by our local goverment cosmetics authority can sell online and in a physical store in China. These assessments take time to prepare the product and all raw material information for inspection.( In this process, no animal being tested)

We took almost 2 months to apply for the reports for the pressed multichromes ,and highlighter palette.(The Flake Gel and Liquid one, and Makeup Remover all obtained the reports on 2021)

I am writing this not only to speak of our brand, but also letting people know the correct China Cosmetics Industry Information , hope there is less misunderstanding information spread everywhere. Thanks for those bloggers, influencer who had tried their ways to letting the followers know the real China “CRUETLY FREE”
I always wanted this world a peace world, No Bias, No discrimination,more turstworthy not only in business,also in  relationship.
Thanks to those who read these words.
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