Sneak Peak of 3 new Eyeshadow Palettes

Sneak Peak of 3 new Eyeshadow Palettes

Little by little reveal our 3 new eyeshadow palettes! ( RELEASE DATE IS NOT SCHEDULED,few more formula to be readjusted, and it takes time for the approval of quality testing report) but just want to share with you!!!

Which signs you like the most?
Dove, octopus, lion?

And yes, they are coming with full size and mini size keychain too ,just like the package of Liana eyeshadow palette!

These signs are free gifts of Full size package, you can make it as a medallion , or any objects you can create with them.

I am personally so in love with these, ( and the color story of the palettes) so unique and fantastic!

Information for who might just recently know us, we are Chinese makeup brand, two women business. All overseas businesses are running by me, ( You can call me Min, the owner of Shellwe Makeup) , all of our products are cruelty free, vegan with clean formulas. Quality tested and All qualified by NMPA (National Medical Products Administration by China). We are proud being a Chinese brand and manufacturing in China. Proud to be creative in beauty industry.

You can find us on
And on ALIEXPRESS. We are applying Amazon store recently, once it is setup, will share the link with you🫶
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